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While working in a counselling department within large multi-cultural secondary school setting, during this time she has learnt her systemic approach to therapeutically supporting young people and their families. This work has influenced her private practice and the workshops that she runs to offer a service that meets everyone’s needs. So, for example whilst  systemic family work may not always be necessary,  a few new ideas around parenting and supporting  other parents maybe what is needed. 

Child focused systemic practice: working with the young person in a confidential space to understand their internal world- once this has been established  and the young person is ready to share more difficult aspects of their lives with their parents, a piece of systemic work is completed to help the young person express themselves and support the family,  to support the young person to do this. We believe certain behaviours are always motivated by certain events or reasons and it is for us to walk with the young person to understand this, with the hope of helping the people in their  environment to understand this also. This piece of work can only be completed if all parties are consenting. 

Individual counselling for children and young people:  The therapy offered is based on working with the internal world of the client to facilitate self- exploration. She offers a range of therapeutic art and drama skills sourced from CPD. (please note its not art or drama, therapist have CPD which allows her to use skills in a Child-Centred way). 

Linda has written a number of articles for Children & Young People-BACP magazine and Amanda has a vast experience in working with ASD and ADHD. Linda as counsellor is integrative and work with a wide range of issues. 

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